From Creativity and Methodological Innovation in the Sociology of Familial and Intimate Relationships, a TASA Families and Relationships Thematic Group event. FRG zine explores themes of feminist experiences in patriarchal and neo-liberal academia. Collaboratively made at WSU, Parramatta, on November 29 2019, this zine emerged within a vibrant discussion about the future of creativity in social research on families and relationships.

*print double sided, flipped along the short edge

Thematic Group conveners Kris Natalier and Ash Barnwell wrote about the event: Our Creative Methods workshop was held on November 29 2019 at Western Sydney University, Parramatta. Our motivation for the workshop was the recognition that as a long-standing, core sub-discipline, the field of families and relationships is deeply rooted in the established methods of qualitative and quantitative inquiry: the interview and survey. But as the diversity and ambiguity of familial and intimate relationships are foregrounded, sociologists are arguing for less traditional, more experimental ways of working. The field is a vibrant focus of methodological and conceptual innovation as scholars draw on interdisciplinary, creative, and technological advances to enliven interview and survey methods, and to devise new ways of theorising and getting to know the daily lives of families. Our aim with the workshop was to encourage conversations and support those sociologists attempting to forge responsive and creative methods to investigate contemporary families and intimate relationships, in ways that reaffirm the value of sociological inquiry, demonstrate its continued inventiveness and grow its inclusivity.

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