Pink Cover Zine is a collection of poetry, fiction and art exploring the sentimental, sensitive, nostalgic, erotic, sensual, sad, joyful and in between moments in life. It aims to publish work that is often overlooked by traditional publishing mediums. If you would like to submit work to Pink Cover you can find out about upcoming issues by contacting You can also contact us if you would like us to send you a ‘print at home’ version of any of the issues. 

Issue 1

If you’ve ever been told, or thought to yourself, this work is not significant, then we want to see it, because universality is a myth, and we want to know about all of the particularities of experience. Deeply.

Issue 3

We all have dreams, but, for many, dreams aren’t free. They come with the price of leaving something behind. Whether it is a person, a special object, a piece of childhood nostalgia, a ritual, a language, or a sense of self: the things we miss leave a lasting imprint. Sometimes, we stuff special items into the inside pockets of suitcases, or wear them like talismans to be carried across lands and passed down through generations. We take what we can, and we cling to these items as we start anew.

In this special issue of Pink Cover Zine, guest-edited by Ramon Loyola, we explore the theme of ‘mementos’. The things we carry from place to place in our hands, hearts, minds and bodies. They might be physical objects, they might be scars, they might be secrets or memories hidden deep and only retrieved on rare occasions.

Issue 2

The single celled organism Tetrahymena thermophilia has seven sexes and can reproduce in 21 combinations. Human, animal, plant, prokaryote: sex is fundamental, and we want to know your take on it. When it comes to sex there is no normal, so we are especially interested in reading pieces that explore and reflect on aspects of sex that are under-represented in the mainstream.

Issue 4

To be anywhere is always to be south of somewhere else. We move south in hope of different horizons. Sometimes things go south and end up worse than they were before. From southern migrations to the Great Southern Land, what happens when we orientate our words against a northern gaze?

Issue 5

What does it mean to be lawless? To inhabit the spaces of lawlessness? A number of concepts come to mind – exile, anarchy, revolution, criminality – but how do we engage with such zones in our creative pursuits? Do they come from a space of lawless passion? Or a space embodied by something lethal – the nicking of flesh, the letting of blood?

About the Editor: Samantha Trayhurn is a Sydney based writer undertaking a Doctor in Creative Arts at Western Sydney University. Sam has had work published in LiNQ Journal, Etropic, Overland, Pure Slush and Art Ascent. Sam is a co-founder of Cross Current Creative, and the Gold Coast live reading events Beyond the Swell, and is also the founder and editor of Pink Cover zine.

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